High quality distinctive fencing

The uniqueness of an E-phence solution draws much from the founder's passion for the beauty of stone and steel.

There is a wide range of materials to choose from, including cast and natural stone and a variety of solid and hand forged metals. Employing both classic craftsmanship and today's technology, E-phence can deliver quality and service in an efficient and non obtrusive manner.

Supporting local industry: -In an era where many home improvement products arrive in a container from overseas we actually manufacture re-constituted cast stone and we hand forge components in our Port Melbourne workshop.

We also source natural stone from Victoria and have castings produced here in Melbourne.

All aspects of a project are under my direct control and are not contracted out. The service is comprehensive from planning to demolition of existing fencing through to commissioning of automotive gate opening systems.

What to do:

Call Simon on 1800 007 220 or email a jpeg image of your residence or the property you would like to see transformed.

Questions? Please read our FAQ section to check if we have answered it for you there.

Gate Hinge