High quality distinctive fencing

Our projects range from the design and installation of impressive wrought iron fences, gates and stonework, to the restoration of decorative elements or small sections of wrought iron.

Strict Heritage requirements are our speciality...

Full cast vehicle gate for a prominent Heritage listed East Melbourne residence where design conditions were stringently applied.

The client said “...I just wanted to thank you for your professionalism and craftsmanship in building and installing our gate. It's wonderful to see a craftsman who cares about his work and has pride in the finished product. Sadly, the craft has all but disappeared...gate looks fantastic!”

Heritage Wrought Iron Gate

An economical option
Cost versus quality can be a challenge. Our goal is to ensure the highest quality possible for the available budget. This predominantly metal fence with hand-forged spears is an economical option which enhances this period property.

Cottage Wrought Iron Fence


19th century cast iron and wrought iron often becomes dilapidated because of age and weathering. So we specialise in restoring aging beauties:

Restoration of corner posts

The base of this old corner post at a prestigious Melbourne private school had fallen into disrepair through weathering. The restored corner post is below.

Castings of damaged features 

A plaque at the same Melbourne private school was damaged beyond repair, so needed replacing. To recreate small items we make an in situ mould, usually with dental alginate. We then make a plaster or epoxy pattern which is used in the metal casting process. For larger items, we may make a pattern in timber, which we then cast from.

Replacement of wrought iron spears

Damaged or missing spears are a problem with heritage wrought iron fences and gates. A Melbourne University college was missing some obsolete spears so we made a mould and pattern to cast replacements.

Authentic ‘wrought iron’ is still available from a specialist recycler in England but it is rarely used due to the expense.

Reproduction ‘wrought iron’ components are now often machine made overseas and imported. Our ‘wrought iron’ components are hand-forged from mild steel in our workshop.

Commercial Fencing

If you’re a commercial developer who realises the importance of the first impression, talk to us. We manufacture and install long sections of high quality, solid steel, security fencing.