High quality distinctive fencing

Wrought Iron Gates & Fence Design Melbourne
Natural Stone Fences of Enduring Distinction

The fusion of designs inspired by natural stone and wrought iron, classic craftsmanship and today's technology has resulted in a business dedicated to delighting customers with a standout fence for their home.

This website is designed to assist in acquiring a quality wrought iron fence, wrought iron gates or a natural stone fence, with minimum hassle.

Yours could be a visually stunning fence built to last for generations by E-Phence.

We get genuine delight in reproducing wrought iron fences of the quality that is reminiscent of post gold rush, inner city Melbourne.

We have an extensive range of components, and we specialise in custom one off reproductions.

Whilst we cater for the most discerning palate, in terms of high fidelity reproductions of period fencing, we also work to make a quality affordable product.